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Birthday Parties and Events!

Fun-Packed Afternoons


Do you want to have the best party ever?

Just drop us a message and we will make it happen!

All we need is for you to pick your favourite theme, or choose

from our list, and we will provide the entertainment to your

party completed of music, activities and plenty of drama games!


Each party is tailored for each child, to follow their wishes and

desires, to make sure they have an unforgettable day with their


Themes: Your favourite movie, musical or story (all the Disney

and Pixar classics are available), Princesses and Princes, Indians

and Cowboys, Fairies, Aliens, Pyjama Party and so much more!


Language: English/French/Italian 

Age: 3-12

In your message, please specify Name and age of the child,

number of children attending venue and theme.

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