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ART Mediation, Workshops, Visits, Cultural Programs and Community Work

We create tailored projects in collaboration with local associations and foundations to participate in the development of social skills and individual talents 



Visits, Events, Programs


Interactive EduTheatre Workshops

Social Engagement

Tailored Projects






Storytelling, Interactive Workshops and Inspiring Learning

We create theatre shows for children of all ages! Who said theatre was a grown ups business? Workshops, clubs and weekly camps during the holidays will help your child to dive into the world of theatre and storytelling, making each young performer feel more comfortable, confident and outgoing! Unleash your children's creativity TODAY! 

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Wednesday Dramam Clubs


Act, Participate, Create!



The Storytelling Cottage

Interactive storytelling for nurseries and primary schools

Birthday Parties and Events!

Fun-Packed Entertainment


Create, Play, Learn

Musical Theatre Play in a Week

Act, Sing, Dance

Creative Writing Workshops

Activate your Mind

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Taking part to one of our Flamboyant clubs will be a blast! Our workshops are fun, resourceful, stimulating and tailored to promote learning and curiosity within each participant. 


Your child will get a chance to work creatively with other children in a safe environment, under the guidance of our teachers who are artists trained to provide the best standards of Educational Theatre Techniques.


We respect the individual needs of all our students and believe that, with the right guidance, everyone can find their way to shine! Taking part in our end of year performances is the perfect way to do so, and everyone is welcome to join!

During our classes we explore literature through immersive storytelling, stimulating language skills and spring-boarding curiosity, new ideas and participation.


Our mission is to inspire students in such a way that they create artistic dialogue between one another, developing skills to work as a team, as well as gaining self confidence tools to overcome shyness. Through movement and voice work they will develop new skills and gain an improved sense of self, to approach future challenges with a creative, active disposition.

If that wasn't enough, the first class is a FREE TRIAL! So what are you waiting for? Contact us below and start your Flamboyant journey TODAY!

Quality Education Sparks the Imagination

Who We Are

Théâtre Flamboyant is a theatre company that aims to bring socially engaged art to schools, foundations and institutions throughout Suisse Romande. We believe that theatre is for everyone, and it can happen everywhere. Thanks to our travelling theatre workshops we are proud to develop projects and programs in collaboration with local institutions in order to provide education, rehabilitation and personal development tools through theatre to many different groups of people of all ages and learning abilities.  


Flamboyant Children Theatre is the branch of our company that specialises in providing engaging and educational theatre workshops, performances and theatrical experiences to children and young people aged between 1 and 18.

The Founder, Giulia Ferrati, is an experienced Cultural Mediator, Drama Teacher and Children Literature writer. With a degree in Drama and Theatre Studies from Royal Holloway Univerity of London and and MA in Socially Engaged Art, Mediation and Education form HEAD, Genève, Giulia has over 10 years of artistic practice working in the UK, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland and abroad with the aim of bringing personal enrichment through drama to children and adults of all ages.

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Mon - Fri : 9am - 5pm
Sat - Sun : events only

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Vaud, Riviera, Valais,
Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux, Genéve

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