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Dive into a Dynamic Learning Experience

Edu Theatre Workshops

Flamboyant school visits are very special events,

our workshops, developed in collaboration with

the teachers, are meant to deepen the

student's engagement, knowledge and interest

on specific themes.

Thanks to our portable theatre projects,

Théâtre Flamboyant can come straight to

your school bringing along a whole lot of

clever ways to learn! Through immersive

experiences, the participants will be challenged,

stimulated and engaged; they will have to work as a

team to discover and investigate school subjects

under a whole new light. Thanks to our cutting edge

Edutheatre techniques, learning will become a real

adventure and your students will truly enjoy

being at school! 


Our workshops will take the children on a journey

of discovery and learning aimed to spark their

investigative curiosity and inspire their creativity.

Sample Themes:

-Literature (Robinson Crusoe, Matilda, Ancient Legends)

-Geography (Africa, the Amazons, The North Pole)

-Science (Seasons, the Universe, Global Warming)

-History (Ancient Rome, The Middle Ages, Greek Myths)


For info on subjects and samples classes, or to arrange an informal meeting please contact

Giulia Ferrati at

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