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Portable Projects







Théâtre Flamboyant is always looking for new places to visit. Weather you represent an institution, a foundation or a cultural or social center, we would be happy to meet for an informal discussion to develop together a tailored project that would suit the interests and needs of the people you welcome in your association.

Thanks to our portable theatre projects, Théâtre Flamboyant can come straight to you, investing your spaces with engaging and fascinating workshops that aim to produce a positive effects on the participants as individuals, and as a group. Through involvement, participation, immersion, and other enjoyable activities, the participants will be positively challenged to improve different skills such as working as a team,  self-confidence, trust-building,  listening, speaking and writing creatively, singing, improvising, concentration, fine and gross motor skills and more. For a detailed account on the objectives subdivided in categories please check the document below.



For info on available projects, themes and samples classes, or to arrange an informal meeting please contact

Giulia Ferrati at

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